Energy Services Company

Registered under the Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) as a Energy Services Company (ESCO), Hayleys Industrial Solutions provides solutions with regard to energy efficiency in various industrial machinery. These solutions help reduce energy consumption in such applications. We are the exclusive agent and service provider of Invertek Drives and appointed by ABB as the authorized service provider for ABB in Sri Lanka. Equipped with a vast range of solutions for industrial applications, Hayleys Industrial Solutions is the leading name in Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) in Sri Lanka.

We also supply solutions to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electronic systems, by working closely with the Merus Power group, a global leader in the power quality and energy efficiency industry. We offer their broad range of products and services including harmonic filters, EMC/EMI components, as well as the development and implementation of customized solutions for all our clients. We also offer energy-efficient medium voltage drive systems and electronic motor controls (deploying TMEIC components) which are used in wind power and photovoltaic systems, rail technology, machine tools and robotics, as well as power supplies for numerous electronic devices in sectors such as medical technology or telecommunications. All EMC/EMI components and harmonic components supplied by Hayleys Industrial Solutions meet IEEE 519 standards.


The Optidrive P2 Variable Frequency Drive allows for an optimal combination of high performance and ease of use that easily tackles even the most demanding applications. Using advanced mathematical algorithms and the latest hardware and technology,...

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Hayleys Industrial Solutions is the authorized service provider for ABB in Sri Lanka. We offer ABB’s extensive portfolio of low voltage AC drives in Sri Lanka, aimed at improving the productivity of your processes, boosting energy efficiency and minimizing...

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TMEIC utilize the latest mechanical and electro-magnetic design tools to design and manufacture rotating machines with the highest reliability, efficiency and quality. All medium AC rotating machines are manufactured by TMEIC’s quality conscious...

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Hayleys Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive range of low voltage AC induction motors suited for diverse industrial applications and which meet all international efficiency regulations. Our expertise allows you to enhance the reliability,...

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MV VFD and PV Inverters

Hayleys Industrial Solutions partners with TMEIC to supply a family portfolio of Medium Voltage AC Drives suited to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries and applications. 3 to 11 kV, up to 19,500 kVA, AC fed drive designed for high-efficiency...

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Power Quality Equipment

Get real-time cancellation of harmonic distortions caused due to non-linear loads, which comply with IEEE 519, G5/4 and other power quality standards and recommendations with Merus Active Harmonic Filters. Hayleys Industrial Solutions supply Merus Active...

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MV cables

Hayleys Industrial Solutions partners with Ducab to provide solutions for medium voltage cable requirements. Medium Voltage cables are triple layered, insulated and manufactured for a voltage range of 6kV to 33 kV as per IEC and BS...

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Sales Executive

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Application Engineer

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