Variable Frequency Drives and IEC Low voltage motors

Hayleys Industrial Solutions is the authorized service provider for ABB in Sri Lanka. We offer ABB’s extensive portfolio of low voltage AC drives in Sri Lanka, aimed at improving the productivity of your processes, boosting energy efficiency and minimizing maintenance costs. Not only do we offer ABB low voltage AC drives directly from stock but we also facilitate custom-built drives to meet more complex requirements.

Our portfolio of ABB low voltage AC drives in Sri Lanka include:

  • General purpose Drives: Offering built-in essential features for simple drive selection and use, to help you take charge of control and energy saving options.
  • Micro Drives: Precise speed control and simple integration for small motors, with dependability, reliability and performance of our drive technology.
  • Machinery Drives: Optimal motor solutions with premium control, hardware flexibility, programmability and scalability.
  • Industrial Drives: Drives of optimal performance and quality suitable for any industry at any power range.
  • Industry specific Drives: Tailor-made, industry-specific solutions for industries and applications like HVAC, elevators, electric heavy machinery, and water & wastewater.
  • Legacy drives: Lifecycle management mode for proactive service offerings for maximum availability and performance.
  • Motion control Drives: Suited for diverse industrial applications, from to multi-axis to machine control

IEC Low voltage motors

Hayleys Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive range of low voltage AC induction motors suited for diverse industrial applications and which meet all international efficiency regulations. Our expertise allows you to enhance the reliability, energy efficiency and productivity of your processes. We also provide life-cycle services to enhance your operational value and optimize your ownership cost.